Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 7, 2012

Just getting adjusted to everything now and finding ways to split "shifts" for sleep :)  Ella barely cries at all, so it makes it so much easier.  She doesn't even mind getting her diapers changed, even when they stink of rotten eggs and it bothers momma to change them!  She's sweet as can be and regardless of lack of sleep, Josh and I are just in awe of how adorable she is.  And she even had her first play date with Cooper!


  1. Ella is gorgeous! We love seeing all of the photos:) We really can't wait to meet her.


    Kristine & Travis

  2. Okay, she is just too sweet! I hope all is going well, I know it can be tough, but all so worth it. Give her big kisses from the Jersey Shore. We can't wait to meet her.