Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2012

Things are going really well around here.  Josh and I are getting the hang of all of this and able to help each other sleep quite a bit each night.  Ella has now had her first bath and a few walks around the neighborhood.  She eats a lot and puts herself into food comas all the time!  Even the dogs barking like crazy don't wake her up! 

She has the sweetest little face and I swear she smiles a ton....even though its really just a fart face.  The poor girl won't ever get dates with the gas that she has!  She sounds like a little machine gun sometimes and boy does it stink!!!  But we still love her anyway :)

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  1. She looks so pretty in her dress. I'm glad its going so well for you. There is a learning curve but doing it together makes things so much easier.