Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012

We had Ella's second doctor's appointment last week.  After being discharged her weight went from 7.85 to 7.1 lbs.  They said they would like to see her back at 7.85 by that appointment (10 days later).  She went all the way up to 8.8 lbs!  She is a very good eater! 

We are finally getting on a better schedule with her.  She sleeps mostly during the nights (other than eating every 3 hours) and stays awake a lot of the day time. 

Ella's umbilical cord fell off the other day and now she can start tummy time!  Doctor said to make sure she is moving her head to both sides a lot, so we have been putting toys on the opposite side she is facing and she's great at turning around to look at them.  She used her playmat the other day (thank you Uncle Nolan) and even learned how to get the one toy to light up.  She's pretty darn smart......or just great at flayling her arms :)

Josh leaves today to go back to work.  I know he's sad to leave her, but probably won't mind getting some sleep!  Aunt Jenn is coming in today for the weekend and we are super excited to see her!

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